Help on the Rotary Quickbits

You can search the database of Quickbits on the Quickbit home page. Just enter a search string and click the "Search" button. You will see a display of the latest entries that contain your search words. If you cannot find anything, try different search words.

Signing up
You can signup to receive the Quickbits in a weekly email. You will receive the emails on Friday mornings. When signing up, provide your email address, and the format for the emails. The best format is HTML, but if your email software cannot display HTML messages, then signup to receive Text messages. If you are not sure, signup as HTML, and if you receive garbled messages you can go back and change this option. You can send us an email to switch you to text format.

Signing off
If you decide that you do not want to receive the Quickbit emails any more, you can signoff at any time. The link to signoff is at the bottom of the emails you receive. Click on the link, and click on the "Remove Me" button on the page. You will be removed from the mailing list. You may also send an email to and request to be removed from our mailing list.

The District Leadership can submit new entries to be added to the next mailing. To submit an entry, go to the submission page. The deadline for new entries is Thursday at noon. If you submit an entry before the deadline, it will be included in the next Quickbit email, the following Friday morning. If you miss the deadline, it will be sent the following week.

Submissions must follow the Rotary guidelines from the Manual of Procedure, or they will be removed before they are sent out. Clubs cannot solicit other clubs in the District for help or money. You can however publish a Quickbit with the basic information about a club event, and a web address or phone number to get more information. Please limit your submissions to major club events, and do not make more than 2 submissions for the same club event, or more than 2 or 3 club events per year. You can announce outstanding club programs, but again, no more than twice a year.

Try to write your entry as a "news item" as opposed to advertisement or solicitation, and do not address the reader directly in the imperative tense.


Submissions Fields
When submitting a new entry, you must fill all the necessary fields. Fill in your name and email address so that users know who submitted the entry, and can contact you if they have any questions. Be very explicit with the Quickbit "title". Users will browse the content of the email and the title must be able to catch their attention if they are interested. Be succinct and straight to the point in the main text of the Quickbit. Use full sentences and avoid telegraphic style, it will be easier to read. Give a URL for users to go and get more information. If you do not have a web page to provide more information, add at the end of the main text an email address or phone number where they can get more information.

Please do not include advertisement in your submission, even for events sponsors. These will be removed.

If you want to update a submission before it is sent out, send an email to with the relevant information.

Upcoming Club Programs
The list of upcoming club programs at the bottom of the weekly Quickbits email comes from the data stored in the ClubWeb calendar. So if you want your club program to be listed in there, you need to use the Calendar module of ClubWeb.

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