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Global Grants

District 5340 is very active with Global Grants.

District 5340 is working with the Global Grants website for all its projects. Click here to see a list of current projects, completed projects, or projects looking for club partners.

If you want more information on the /globalMatching Grants Program, go to the relevant section on the Rotary International website.

If you would like some information on how you and your club can do a global grant or support one, check out How to do a Global Grant.

Global Grants News Center


List of 2012-13 Global Grants
This is the list of Global Grants projects to be considered for DDF match approval at the July 2012 meeting. Make sure your project is on this list. We will only consider projects listed as 'Fully Pledged' for 2012-13.


Approved Global Grants, July 2011 (4 KB)
The Global Grants listed are the ones approved so far for DDF allocation for 2011-12.


Current District 5340 Global Grants Report
This is a live report from the Global Grants Website

Archive of Past News Center Items

Matching Grants Videos

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