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PolioPlus Banners and Bumper Stickers (365 KB)
Order a customized 3'x5' banner or rolls of bumper stickers for Rotary recognition and promotion opportunities


Bill and Melinda Gates Presentation on Global Health
This was a live webcast, and it mentions Rotary International and the fight against Polio. Great facts about Polio, Malaria, AIDS, etc.


Polio Fight Connects Seattle & India
This is the video about PolioPlus that was played at our Foundation Seminar on September 12, 2009.


Polio Eradication - Update of Global Statistics
View the LATEST DATA HERE regarding the number of cases reported.


San Diego Union Tribune Article on PolioPlus
How we will eradicate the next polio, by Marsha A. Chandler


Bill Gates Announces Additional $255 Million Grant for Polio
The Gates Foundation has awarded Rotary a $255 million challenge grant, which Rotary will match with $100 million raised by its members and supporters over the next three years. As a spearheading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary’s chief role is fundraising, advocacy and mobilizing volunteers. The announcement came during the R.I. Assembly in San Diego Jan 21st. The 5+ minute video is an abbreviated version of the Bill Gates' speech.

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PolioPlus Program

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