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Join the Paul Harris Society!

The Paul Harris Society
of District 5340!

Each donor who annually contributes $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation will be awarded membership in the Paul Harris Society of District 5340. Society members will receive special District-wide recognition, and a distinctive gold and blue emblem which can be worn with their Rotary pin.

For further information,
contact PDG Wayne Cusick, 858-550-8106

Frequently Asked Questions

Do contributions to The Permanent Fund count toward membership in the PHS?

Do my monthly credit card contributions count toward membership in the PHS?
Yes... as long as you have so stipulated your monthly contributions are to go to Annual Giving or Restricted Giving. Restricted Giving could be PolioPlus... for example.

Does my $1,000 each fiscal year to TRF's Annual Giving and/or Restricted Giving include my wife since California is a community-property state?
No! Each donor must give $1,000 to be a member of the PHS.

Where do I send my $1,000?
The donation flows through the club as any donation to TRF normally does. I encourage donors to make their checks payable to The Rotary Foundation and have the Club Foundation Chair complete the Contribution/Recognition Form RF-123, attach the check to the Form and send to RI for processing.

If I give $5,000 to TRF's Annual and/or Restricted Giving in one year, do I remain a member for five years?

The Paul Harris Society of District 5340

PDG Wayne Cusick explains the Paul Harris Society

Founded in 1999 in District 5340 by PDG Wayne Cusick, the Paul Harris Society is now being used as a recognition and fundraising program in over 200 districts. Worldwide, the PHS membership approaches 5,000 donors. In September 2008, District 5340 celebrated reaching the 200 member milestone.

The Paul Harris Society is a level of recognition for those donors who chose to give $1,000 or more each Rotary fiscal year to the Rotary Foundation's Annual and/or Restricted Giving in support of our Foundation programs worldwide.

This voluntary program was officially adopted by the RI Board of Trustees effective July 1, 2006 as a district-administered program to recognize our larger donors in support of our Foundation programs.

With the ever-increasing involvement of our clubs in Foundation Programs, the need was apparent to increase our contributions to The Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation through the SHARE Program and World Fund provide major fuel to our participation in Foundation Programs such as Matching Grants, Group Study Exchange, Rotary Volunteers, Village Banks, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants For University Teachers, and District Simplified Grants.

Paul Harris Society Resource Center

The resources below are available to help other Districts implement a Paul Harris Society Program. They can be slightly modified to adapt to each District.


Overview and Marketing Plan (174 KB)


Pamphlet (216 KB)


Certificate (Charter Member) (512 KB)


Certificate (512 KB)


Bulletin, November 2003 (13 KB)

For more information on The Paul Harris Society, please contact PDG Wayne Cusick at or 858-550-8106.

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